HFC Filtration


HFC provides a wide range of equipment for the Marine sector.
Our product portfolio includes :

Single & Duplex Strainers

Automatic filters

Notch Wire Type Elements

Hydraulic Filter

Inert Gas System

Fuel Oil Filters

Stainless Steel Filters Elements

Air, Oil & Lub Filters

Filters – Separators

Filter Papers

Compressed Air Filters & Dryers

Environmental Air filters

Sea Water RO Membranes

Ultraviolet Systems



Several Shipping Companies show their trust to our company’s equipment and its services.

As filter manufacturer we can produce a number of different filtration products that would be useful to Tankers , Ferries , Fishing Vessels ,

Cruise Ships , Navy and Coast Guards , Yachts etc.

We would be pleased to present to you some of our specific project references in a personal meeting and to receive your requirements regarding any of the above equipment.